Having a problem with medical assistance/claims getting paid?

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Having a problem with medical assistance/claims getting paid?

Post  helma on Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:02 am

I am currently on medical assistance for my pregnancy and have an on-going battle with medical assistance and the insurance provider paying some claims. I talked to the doctor's office and they said to call my case worker...which I did and didn't get very far. (She is a total b*tch every time I talk to her, which is not often and it really upsets me, anyways...) After denying she ever talked to me about this before and claiming she never received any fax from me, she pulls me up on the computer and realized I did in fact fax her a letter proving end of coverage from my employer so she says there's nothing else she can do...she did her part so now she's not involved. She suggested I call the welfare help-line but it's closed until tomorrow morning so I'm SOL right now.

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